Outfit Planning

Sometimes I’ll come up with an outfit idea and I’ll write it down so that I can reference it later when trying to decide what to wear.  Other times, I’ll come up with the idea while I’m standing in my closet, and I’ll hang the pieces together to remind myself to wear it.  Typically, I’ll plan at least one to two weeks of outfits at a time on a Sunday afternoon.  Other times(like this week), I’ll pick an outfit out each morning based upon how I’m feeling that day(and all this week, I’ve wanted to be comfortable).

I’ve had this outfit put together for weeks now, so I decided today was as good of a day as any to wear it!

Because the dress is more of a midi-length, combined with the long sleeves of the blouse, I had to be careful with my accessories, otherwise I’d end up looking frumpy.  I *think* I managed to keep it current with the ruffled neck of my blouse, statement necklace and fashion forward shoes.

Option 1:


Option 2: Add a Blazer for a more professional look




{Dress/Blouse: Banana Republic, Pearls: Tuesday Morning, Blazer: Kenneth Cole(from a suit), Shoes: Urbanog.com}

I’m wearing option 1 because it’s still too warm for option 2.  It’s going to be mid-80’s today, so no jackets for me till it cools off a little more!





2 thoughts on “Outfit Planning

  1. heidi says:

    i LOVE this dress with the white ruffled blouse underneath it. just perfect. your shoes are really cute, too. i really want to find a dress in my own closet that a collared/ruffled shirt like this looks good under!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I love when I find pieces that can be used in multiple ways, particularly layering. I love layering!! I’m really hoping that the Mad Men dress I made will look good with a white button up underneath it.

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