Teacher Thursdays: Color Blocking

Since I’m on a small hiatus this week from my theme weeks, I figured it was a good time to feature another Teacher Thursday, particularly since the outfit my sister is wearing in this photo demonstrates one of the themes we’ve already been though this month(color blocking!).

Navy, pink and green are always a winning combination in my book!


Any Halloween party plans this weekend?  I’ve mentioned it before, but my husband and I are going to my sister and bro-in-law’s halloween party as Joan Holloway and Roger Sterling from Mad Men.  The dress I made is completed and ready to go!  All I have to do now is make my hubby a pocket square for his suit and a fake cigarette(Roger is always smoking!).

For the actual day of Halloween, our office is dressing up because little kids come through for “trick or treating” and I’m going to be an evil queen.  My makeup will be very dramatic so I can’t wait to show you!!

In other news, I am working on some sewing projects that are so epic I wish I could show you, but unfortunately they are Christmas gifts so you’re going to have to wait.  I’ll tell you this though, I was doing some final hand sewing on one project this past weekend at my parents house and my dad thought I was hemming a store bought item(that’s pretty high praise for a homemade thing).



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