Autumn Leaves

For those who missed it yesterday, I’ll be continuing my final theme week next week.  For now, I’m sticking to easy and comfortable yet stylish looks this week.

I found the dress I’m wearing at Goodwill and purchased it on a whim.  I thought that it had the potential to be very versatile in my wardrobe.  It’s also extremely comfortable and feels like I’m wearing a nightgown.  I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it already, so I think it was a great purchase!

My colors(from my hair to my shoes) today remind me of the fall leaves that I’m seeing outside(it’s kind of a big deal for me to see fall colored leaves since we didn’t have that in Florida).   I know that Savannah’s leaves are nothing compared to further North, but it’s still better than anything I had in Florida!

Option 1:


Option 2:



Option 3:






{Dress: Goodwill(no tag in it so I have no idea where it is from originally, Belt: Old Navy, Necklace/Cardigan: F21, Shoes: Ross}


PS-Thanks for all the well wishing!  I am feeling much better, thank you all.  TMI alert:  what was going on was that I experienced the worst period of my life over the weekend.  I almost went to the hospital because I was worried I was losing too much blood.  I just felt so drained and exhausted all day Sunday and yesterday.   But, things are going better and I’ve been resting and eating lots of red meat and dark vegetables to build up my iron.

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