Theme Week 3: Color Blocking Day 3

**During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

Today I’m going to show you how to take an a color blocked outfit from simple to wow, that’s a lot going on yet it still looks good.

First, I started with a straightforward combination of orange and blue.  They are complimentary colors and a combination I have used many times on this blog(though not these exact hues).

Sorry in advance to any Georgia fans, but I do look like I’m rooting for Florida today.  It’s unintentional(though we do in fact root for Florida).




This may be enough color blocking for someone who is new to the concept.  But if you want to take it up a notch, add in a third(!) color.  You can start subtlety with just a belt(I chose yellow because it works well with these two colors):


Now, if you want to really be a show-stopper, add in lots of yellow accessories and be prepared to make a statement!

{T-Shirt/Necklace: Target, Skirt/Belt: Limited, Blue Cardigan: Gap, Yellow Cardigan: Ann Taylor Factory, Rust Shoes: Payless, Mustard Shoes:}

Do you like the last incarnation of the look or is it a little too “fast-food” restaurant for you?



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