Theme Week 2: Pattern Mixing Day 5

**During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

Today is my personal favorite way to mix patterns: polka dots and stripes!  They just compliment each other so well, and you’ve seen me pair these two types of patterns together on multiple occasions.

Just for fun, I threw on my flats(yes, I do own a pair of flats) because they coordinated so well with the outfit…and then once I saw the pictures, I realized the flats actually go better with the outfit than my pumps! Live and learn.  I’d definitely benefit from reviewing my pictures BEFORE I leave for work, so I can change my outfits accordingly.

I’ve never been one for wearing flats.  I think they are generally cute on others, but not on me(I feel the same about capris).  The other problem I have with them, is that they are NEVER comfortable.  They always give me blisters and generally tear up my feet.  I do worry about developing foot problems from wearing heels everyday, so I’m trying to build a collection of comfortable(ish) flats.  This pair is my first attempt.

I absolutely adore the style and I’ve been wearing them non-stop on the weekends and sometimes at work when I want a flat shoe(I wear them on Saturdays with my scrubs).  They’re not perfectly comfortable and do rub my heels, but they’re better than I’ve ever had(in terms of flats).  The only problem is that they’re a little too big.  This is completely my fault.  I ordered what has been my go-to size for the past few years, and they seemed too big when I tried them on, and I meant to send them back for a smaller size.

Then one day I thought I’d just wear them around the house before work and see if I could get used to them….well, I ended up wasting so much time that I had to rush to work, forgot I was wearing the shoes and ended up wearing them all day(so obviously I couldn’t send them back!).  I’ve added a liner and a heel guard and I think I’m going to put in another liner to see if I can make them fit a little better.  In the meantime, I still wear them because I actually like the way they look(never thought it would happen with flats).

I really feel like these pictures do not do justice to my outfit.  I think it looks so-so in the pictures, but in real life, I haven’t stopped getting compliments on it from staff and patients alike.

The outfit with Flats

Option 1: Un-buttoned cardigan


Option 2: Buttoned up cardigan with bow peeking out



Option 1:


Option 2:



{Blouse/Cardigan: Limited, Skirt: Target, Flats: Coach, Pumps: Kate Spade}

So we’ve made it to the end of our pattern mixing week.  I hope that it was helpful to those who are confused about how to wear different patterns together.  As promised, I’ve put together my general guidelines for deciding what patterns to wear together.

1. Mix small patterns with large patterns or other small patterns.

2. Don’t mix large patterns with large patterns.

3. If you’re mixing the same pattern(ie, polka dots), make sure the pieces are opposite in color(i.e., black polka dots on a white background mixed with white polka dots on a black background).

4.  Mix together colors that are complimentary(i.e. red and blue) or coordinate(navy and white stripes with navy and pink florals)

5. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral/plain as not to distract or add confusion.

Any other tips for novice pattern mixers?


PS-I’m heading out after work for a conference and I’ve got some cute casual/business casual outfits put together. I hope to blog about them so you can see that I do sometimes actually wear jeans(oh the horror!).





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