Theme Week 2: Pattern Mixing Day 4

**During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

I cannot take full credit for coming up with today’s combination.  I saw a picture of a woman wearing a navy/white stripe top with a leopard print  scarf and I knew I wanted to recreate that combination of patterns during my pattern mixing week.

Instead of a scarf and a shirt though, I’m using a leopard print cardigan and my blue/white stripe dress.  It’s definitely much more “me”(I’m not much of a scarf wearer) and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  I’m going to show you several incarnations the outfit went through this morning.

I started with the simple dress+cardigan+pearls+nude shoes, but something seemed missing.

I then buttoned up the cardigan to create a skirt+cardigan look, but it still seemed not quite right.

I decided I need a brighter pop of color and a belt, so I switched out the shoes for my red pumps and added a red belt.  This is was definitely what the outfit was missing and here are two ways in which you can wear it:

Option 1: Cardigan unbuttoned, belt around dress waist

Option 2: Cardigan buttoned with belt around waist over cardigan

{Dress: Gap, Cardigan: Old Navy, Necklaces: F21, Shoes: Bakers, Belt: Limited, Headband: payless}

I attempted to curl my hair this morning with my curling iron.  It would be a lot easier if the barrel was narrower since my hair is so short now, but I made it work as best I could!

I have lots of prep work to accomplish tonight in preparation for my trip tomorrow.  I’ve already planned the outfits I’m going to wear and listed out all the pieces I’ll need for them(as well as things like pj’s and workout clothes), so all I need to do is some laundry and then pack my clothes, accessories and makeup.



4 thoughts on “Theme Week 2: Pattern Mixing Day 4

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Very true. I used to be so straight forward with my outfit choices, I would never have thought to mix different patterns together. I’m really glad I finally decided to give it a try, because now I love it!

  1. heidi says:

    the red is the perfect accent in the last group of pictures! i am really enjoying your theme weeks so far! and your hair looks really cute curled, i have a difficult time curling my hair when it’s shorter, too, but yours looks like it turned out really cute!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks….I really didn’t think my hair looked good curled…I thought it was too old lady looking, but it’s good to know I was wrong. I think we are our own worst critics.

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