Theme Week 2: Pattern Mixing Day 3

***During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

Today I’m mixing florals with stripes.  This is a combination that’s very popular amongst clothing store displays(I’ve done it before too).  I bought this cardigan for under $20 from Talbots back when I went shopping with my grandma on Labor Day.  Since I hadn’t gotten around to wearing it yet, I thought it would be perfect to debut during my week of pattern mixing.  I thought it went really well with navy stripes, and my first inclination was to wear it with my navy/white stripe full skirt dress, but I had already earmarked that dress for a different pattern mixing.

The obvious second choice was my navy/white stripe t.  I had a different skirt picked out for today’s look as well.  It was a pencil skirt from Target.  I put it on and when I sat down to put on my shoes, the zipper broke(it wasn’t because it was too tight though!).  I was stuck in the skirt, because the zipper pulled apart  and I couldn’t get the zipper head back down so I could pull the skirt off!  I fought with it for about 5 minutes before I managed to wrangle it off me, then put on my full pink skirt.

I’m going to take the skirt back to Target and see if they’ll exchange it for me since I had never worn it before!  My pink full skirt was the second best option to pull this outfit together, and if you think it looks a little familiar, it’s because I have worn this t-shirt and this skirt together before(only with different shoes, jewelry and a bow pin instead of a cardigan).

You can wear the shirt tucked or un-tucked:

Just for fun, I changed out the skirt for some dark navy jeans(these are one of the pairs I hemmed myself a few weekends ago) and bright pink pumps.  I could technically wear this version to work, but I felt a little too like a suburban “mom who lunches” in it…Plus I wanted to keep the jeans clean and fresh as I will most likely be packing them for my weekend trip(nothing exciting, just going to Athens{GA NOT Greece…hahaha} for a continuing ed. conference).

{T-shirt: Target, Cardigan: Talbots, Skirt: WHBM, Jeans: Loft, Navy Pumps: Thrifted, Pink Pumps: Rackroom, Necklace: NY&Co}

If you’re not much of a makeup person, I just want to point out the difference that lipstick can make.  I did the exact same makeup today as I did yesterday only I think I look much fresher and more alive today(I thought I looked rather pale and almost sickly in yesterday’s pictures).  The only difference between the two days, I used a darker pink lipstick today as opposed to a nude color.  Nude lipsticks look good on darker skin and is fine in person, but for photos, stick with darker shades.  Makeup seems lighter and more subdued in pictures and you’ll look better with slightly darker colors.

If you’re not taking photos of yourself(or getting photos taken), feel free to wear your nudes and pale glosses!



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