Theme Week 2: Pattern Mixing Day 2

***During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

Today’s look not only works for this week(pattern mixing), but I could have also worn it LAST week(black and white).

Yesterday I showed you a look that mixed together different color and sized stripes.  Today, I’m mixing together two different kinds of polka dots.  Both are rather small, but they are opposite in color, so it works.  On Friday, I’ll do a summary post with my actual “rules” so you can access them easily if you want.

Option 1: Polka Dot Dress with Polka Dot Blazer




Option 2: Polka Dot Dress+Sweater+Polka Dot Blazer


Option 3: Same as 2, with sash tied loosely at neck for a bow tie blouse effect



{Dress/Sweater: Old Navy, Blazer: F21, Shoes: Ross(0ld)}

This morning it was technically chilly enough to wear tights(!!), but I was kind of running late due to the fact that I lazed about in bed too long cuddling with hubby and the girls.  Maybe tomorrow if it’s still chilly!



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