Theme Week Two: Pattern Mixing Day 1

***During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

Woo-hoo, we’re in a new week of our month of theme weeks!  This week the theme is “pattern mixing”.  Pattern mixing is one of those “fashion-y” terms that get thrown around, but it’s really just as simple as the name seems:  pairing two or more patterns together.

While the definition may be simple, the execution can be confusing, and I’ve been asked to help out with some rules or guidelines for how to properly “mix patterns” by one of my good blog friends.

So, for my first look, I’m mixing two different types of stripes.  The reason it works, is that the stripes on my cardigan are much narrower than those on my skirt.  If they were the same width, it would be way too matchy-matchy and it would just look bad.  The stripes are also coordinating colors which help to define the pieces as separate but coordinated.

Option 1:

Option 2:

{Blouse: Banana Republic, Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Bakers}

I colored my hair this weekend. It’s a little deeper mahogany than I wanted(I would’ve preferred a more copper color), but I like it and it’s definitely an improvement over my hair previously.

So there’s a small story behind this blouse.  Do you recall my mint/brown/chartreuse striped silk skirt from Banana(see it here)?  When I purchased it online, I was going to have to pay for shipping because my total purchase didn’t equal the minimum for free shipping.  I hunted around in the clearance section and found this blouse for little more than I would have to pay for shipping(so basically it’s like I got the blouse for free).

When I received my order, I was dismayed to find that they had not sent the above blouse, but a different blouse(in the correct size, but a different style and color).  In fact, the blouse they sent me was a brand new, just available on the website.  This blouse(which is still available):

I called Banana and they said they would charge me for the new blouse and ship it out, and then I could send back the black blouse and they’d credit my account(for the amount the had originally charged for the blouse).  So eventually, I got the blouse I originally ordered.  And I ended up keeping the black blouse they sent in error….because I kept forgetting to send it back(and I had paid for it, don’t mistake and think I kept it for free) and now it’s past the “time” in which I can get a refund for it anyways.

I finished my “Joan” Dress this weekend!  I had several firsts yesterday while finishing it up…first blind hem , first fabric covered buttons and first invisible zipper.  The blind hem was much more frustrating than the zipper(and the buttons were ridiculously easy and rather fun).  I don’t mind inserting zippers.  I know it gets a bad rap in the sewing world, but I actually like doing it!  The dress technically didn’t need a zipper because I can slip it on/off over my head, but hubby astutely pointed out that I won’t want to squash my fancy hair-do by pulling the dress over my head, so I did a zipper.

You’ll have to wait to see the finished product though.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and friends! I’m going to cook some turkey and mashed potatoes for the hubby for dinner tonight!!



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