Theme Week 1: Black and White Day 5

***During the month of October I’ll be featuring four weeks of “themes” or “topics”.  Each week will have a theme that will dictate how I wear/style my outfits.***

Woo-hoo! We made it through an entire “challenge” week and I actually am right on track!  If you are new to my blogging, I have set myself up for projects before, only to fall way behind and a 30 day project ends up going on for 2-3 months!!

Today I pulled a dress out from the back recesses of my closet(actually, I store all my “nice” dresses in a closet in the spare room, but it sounded better the other way!) to style for our last day of Black and White outfits.  Fittingly, the dress is from White House Black Market(anyone remember when they used to just be The White House and sold only white stuff?  They had a tiny little store located next to the men’s Burdines in the mall where we lived and I would go in there and salivate over the beautiful white clothes and accessories.  It’s not there anymore, and Burdines was bought by Macy’s, but I still remember!).

I can’t remember the exact circumstances around why I bought this dress(which is weird because usually I remember).   But I do know I’ve had it since AT LEAST 2007, because I have pictures of me wearing it on a double date with friends of ours to the Cheesecake Factory(and the first time I tried a Key Lime Martini and fell in love).


It’s sort of just hung in my closet since then.  I may have worn it again, but I can’t remember if I did, nor like I said, what occasion I originally purchased it for(because I used to only buy dresses for specific occasions).  I was in my second year of optometry school at the time and wearing scrubs everyday so it’s not like I had lots of opportunities to wear it.

Actually, just found a picture where I wore it for my 26 birthday in 2008. Look at how dark black Aspen is!! She was only a baby in this picture(maybe 6 months old).


Okay, getting back to today’s post.  I’m starting off with a better picture of the dress and how I would style it for going out with my hubby.




{Necklace: F21, Bracelet: Target, Shoes: Badgley Mischka}

After seeing these pics, I realize the purple shoes don’t work as well with the outfit as I would’ve liked, but I wanted a pop of color!

Obviously this dress screams going out, wedding, date night, ect.  Which of course means, I wanted to style it for work.  Here are three variations that work for my office.

Option 1: Add a fun cardigan






Option 2: Button up the cardigan so the dress looks like a skirt




Option 3: Same as #2, but tie the dress’s sash around your waist


{Dress: WHBM, Cardigan: Limited, Necklace: Maurices, Shoes: Rackroom}

You’re probably going to be seeing my hair in this wavy/curly style a lot until it grows out some.  My typical hair routine was to wash it at night and then flat iron/curl it in the morning.  That, unfortunately doesn’t work with this short style.  It must be blow-dried or else it looks like crap.  And if I want it straight and smooth, I have blow dry it and then flat-iron it a ton to tame it(and it won’t last….if I flat-iron it today, tomorrow I’ll have to re-flat iron it because it will develop waves and cowlicks in the night).

This wavy/curly style however….all I have to do is dry it with my diffuser and apply some mousse and not only does it cut down on my getting ready time, it also lasts two days between styling! And it doesn’t hurt that hubby prefers it this way and tells me each day that I wear it curly that my hair looks awesome(who doesn’t love being told that daily by their significant other?).

Last night I attached the skirt to my bodice for my Halloween costume!  Now, I have to do the hard part, which is to install an invisible zipper…gulp(and hem it, which is my very least favorite thing to do).

Any exciting weekend plan?

Next week I will be  a week of outfits featuring pattern mixing.





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