Stripes and Lace+October Announcement

Sometimes when I think of outfits, I wear them immediately.  Other times, I hang the pieces together in my closet for weeks before I finally get around to wearing them.  I really don’t know why this is….Just a weird personality quirk I suppose(I also tend to keep new items with their tags on them for weeks before I wear them.  I have a few pieces in my closet right now I got during the labor day sales that I haven’t worn yet…I like to save things and savor them I guess.  I’m the kid who still had Halloween candy leftover from last years Halloween each year!

Anyways, I put this outfit together back in August as a potential to wear to the Jim Gaffigan show.  I realized it was too “dressy” and “office-y” for that event, but I like the combination so I promised myself I wear it to work one day.  Today is finally that day.  In light of trying to show options with my outfits, I also tried it with a blazer(that’s from one of two suits that I own from back in the day when I was doing interviews for grad school…and both of which, the pants/skirt portion of the suit no longer fit!).

It doesn’t hurt that the dress I’m wearing is one I could easily sleep in(and actually have, back in May when I had my endometriosis surgery)

Option 1: Lace Shirt over Stretchy Striped Dress


Option 2: Add a blazer for a more professional look


Option 3: Button Up the Blazer


{Dress: Ann Taylor Factory, Lace T: F21, Necklace: Target, Shoes: Thrifted, Blazer: Ann Klein(from a suit, old)}

My hair is looking FUNKY in these photos. I tried to curl it with hot rollers…and it just turned into a hot mess.  I tried to salvage it as best I could, but it’s still definitely blech.  It’s official: I miss my long hair desperately and wish I could go back in time and not cut it so short(to be clear, I like the cut, but I liked it better long)!  And it only took a week!  That’s a record for me.  I think what I need to do is write myself a letter so that in the future when I have long hair again and want to cut it all off, I can remind myself NOT TO DO IT.

Ah well, it will grow back eventually.

So moving on to the October Announcement.  I have decided that for the month of October, I will be doing Theme Weeks.  Each week will cover a different “fashion topic” and the outfits I chose will fit within to that topic.  It’s designed to give me some focus in my outfit selection as hopefully be inspirational and help flesh out some fashion-y buzz words(like color blocking or pattern mixing) to those who need some help in that area(I got the idea in part by some suggestions from my friend Anne-Marie).

The “themes” or “topics” are as follows:

1. Black and White

2. Pattern Mixing

3. Color Blocking

4. Dressing for All Seasons(for this I will chose a statement piece each day and then show how I would style it for each of the four seasons)

I think it will be fun, and hopefully inspirational.  We’ll be kicking week 1 off on Monday with Black And White!





4 thoughts on “Stripes and Lace+October Announcement

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    I got mentioned in a blog! Yahoo! I know you don’t like how your hair looks, but it looks good. And you know I can empathize after the ‘Sinead-incident of 2010’ that happened to me too!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Haha! I remember the Sinead incident! To be clear(in case my hair stylist reads my blog, I don’t want her to think I’m dissing her mad skills), the cut and style itself is really good. I just don’t like it personally for me. I feel more myself with longer hair. It was fun to try but now I wish I were one of those hair growing barbies and I could grow it about 6 inches longer(haha)

  2. heidi says:

    i’m looking forward to your theme week! i’ve kind of always wanted to challenge myself to do something like that, but then something else invariably catches my eye in my closet that i want to wear more. 🙂

    also, that blazer fits you great and i love your shoes, i’ve been thinking that i need a good pair pair of navy shoes!

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