I feel like a walking candy shop in this outfit!  I left the house feeling feminine and pretty…..then my very first patient of the day asked me if I was pregnant!?!

I don’t think I look at all pregnant in this outfit(or in every day life!)….but it’s till a little blow to your ego when someone asks you if you’re pregnant when you are most assuredly NOT(especially when you can’t get pregnant to begin with).  I know it shouldn’t, but it definitely makes me feel paranoid that my belly looks fat and flabby.

Have you ever been mistakenly asked if you are pregnant?

I have had it asked at least 4-6 times and I have a pretty flat stomach, so I’m not sure why I always get asked…

Anyways, moving back to the options.  Because of the bow that ties around this blouse, I was limited in what I could do with it, so I’m just showing you how it looks with the cardigan and without.  I think without would be a nice Sunday Brunch look or something perfect for a bridal shower(probably with different shoes though).  Adding the cardigan makes it appropriate for most offices.


Option 1: No Cardigan


Option 2: Add a cardigan for a more polished, office-appropriate look

{Blouse: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Banana Republic, Cardigan: J. Crew, Necklace: Loft(OLD), Shoes: Rackroom, Headband: Hancock fabrics}



5 thoughts on “Confections

    • guitargrl325 says:

      hmmm….maybe but the room was dark so…..I have sometimes worn skirts that are fitted(and in order for them to fit my thighs, they will be too big around the waist/stomach area and therefore pouch out a little making me look like I have a little belly) and I can *almost* understand asking then, but my outfit didn’t do that at all….weirdness

    • guitargrl325 says:

      The weird thing is, every single person who has asked me if I am pregnant are from the same demographic. I don’t know if it has to do with the way they are raised or what….But yeah, sometimes I just want to say, I’m bloated from my period, or a big lunch or whatever! haha

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