The Pink Dress

Over the labor day weekend, I went shopping with my mom and grandma.  We went into Tablots because they were having an insane sale(70-80% off).  My grandma found this dress and told me I needed to try it on.  I complied, and to me it wasn’t anything special but my mom and grandma went crazy over it and how flattering it is.  So did about 3 other ladies who were also shopping.

So I bought it.  I brought it out to wear today because I have another work dinner meeting and I wanted to look professional yet fashionable.  I still don’t see what others see in it(to me it’s shapeless and looks like I’m wearing a bag)….but my husband loved it and thought I looked fantastic!  He said that I look just like Betty Draper today(minus the horrible attitude of course).

What do you think?

{Dress: Talbots(buy it here), Necklace: Gift, Shoes: Kate Spade}

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m not actually wearing this dress at work.  Last time I had one of these dinner meetings, I ended up spilling crap all over my outfit at work and had to go buy a new outfit on the way to the meeting.  In fear of that happening again, I’m wearing this outfit and planning to change right before the meeting!!

I need your guys ideas!  I’m going to a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween and I need to think of a costume idea.   The only thing I can think of right now is Black Widow from the Avengers since she has short red hair like mine(I’d just have to curl it) and an all black outfit that would be easy to put together.  But another part of me wants to do something with really dramatic makeup.  Any ideas??


8 thoughts on “The Pink Dress

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    I agree that you look fantastic! I see what you mean – the dress doesn’t accentuate your figure, but the retro-ish style is flattering and plays up your hair and face!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It’s kind of growing on me. I can see the potential in styling it in other ways to make it be more of what I would go for, so even though I was coerced into buying it, I think it’s a good addition to my closet.

  2. heidi says:

    i think there are a lot of ways you could wear this dress, definitely belted to give it a little more shape for one! it is such a pretty color! there is a talbots exactly 1 mile from my work that i went to yesterday to return one of the skirts i purchased online that i didn’t end up liking (i didn’t look closely enough at the picture online to realize it had a bright orange waistband that i didn’t think would be that remixable) and was proud of myself for not drifting over to the clearance section as i waited for the cashier to finish with the customer in front of me, but boy was it hard when i thought i noticed a sign saying something about an extra 60% off?? i can’t spend any more money this month (and am planning on returning a couple more things) but maybe come october i will pop in there and check out if i can find something on mega clearance. i’m glad you came away with this great dress during your recent excursion to talbots!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I have some good plans for the dress to style it in different ways. I figured I’d start out with the dress as-is and work on creating looks that are more my personal aesthetic.

      I spent way more money this year than I should’ve on clothes, so I’m putting myself on a self-imposed shopping sabbatical(other than goodwill) for at least the rest of this year and part of next as well. We’re also running out of room in our closet! It’s really hard not to over-shop when you have a blog where you posts your clothes every single day and you’re bombarded by great deals all the time. I’ve started just deleting all emails that I get from stores advertising amazing prices, ect.

      I’m going to be doing thrifting or making my own clothes for a very long time to catch back up financially.

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