Classic Fall

It was sort of chilly this morning when I took the dogs out(60*) and it made me really excited for the eventual cool weather.  The reason I say eventual is because we’re still going to be seeing highs in the 80s for a several weeks at least(though at least we’re getting lows at night in the 60s so I can’t really complain).

Today’s outfit is so fall in both the colors and the materials that I can’t help but call it classic fall.  I’m also wearing all new(at least to me) pieces today(well, except for my belt which I’ve had forever). Half are from goodwill and the other half from Target and Payless.

I scored the blouse and jacket(both originally from Banana Republic) from Goodwill for $10.  The shirt is silk and the jacket is a wool/silk blend made in Italy.  I think that is the best bargain I’ve ever found!

The skirt I picked up at Target a few weeks ago.  I love that it looks like wool, but is actually made of a stretchy cotton so it moves with me!  And the shoes…I could write love sonnets to these shoes.  I had been searching for a pair of cognac pumps for at least a year when I came across these at Payless.  Not only do they look great, but they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  The wedge makes them appropriate for even the longest day on my feet.  If you’ve been wanting some cognac shoes, go buy these.  Right now all Payless’s shoes are buy one get one free and they have the same shoe but in a tweed plaid pattern that I wouldn’t mind having either.

Option 1: With Jacket

The blouse is way too short to be worn any way other than tucked in, which limits how I can style it, but I figured I show you the version with the jacket…and the one without.

Option 2: No jacket

{Blouse/Jacket: Thrifted(originally Banana), Skirt: Target, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless, Headband: Hancock Fabrics}

Did you have a good weekend?  My mom came over and spent yesterday with me and helped me hem a couple pairs of pants I bought last spring on final clearance(they were all tall’s and way too long for me).  I’m thinking about slimming the legs using this tutorial as they are all wide leg, and I want a more slim/bootcut look.

I’m going to try to feature more looks with PANTS now that it’s finally starting too cool off(and now that I actually have a few pairs that fit me, more or less).

Are you more of a pants or a skirts/dresses kind of girl?

Obviously you know my answer for this!  The reason is two fold.  First of all, skirts are cooler in the hot summer months. Secondly, I don’t think pants are very flattering on my particular body type(my thighs/booty is at least 4 sizes larger than my waist).  But I’m going to make an effort to feature more looks with pants since I know a lot of women don’t like to wear skirts.


Ps-the blazer stayed on for about 20 minutes then I got too hot to keep wearing it!  Haha!

2 thoughts on “Classic Fall

  1. ashley says:

    Love the combination of patterns! By the way, I totally agree with you about skirts- the only time I wear pants is when I wear my skinny jeans with a blazer and heels. Otherwise pants just make my thighs look huge.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I have never worn skinny jeans because I’m afraid they’ll make my thighs look way too huge! But maybe they’ll work like a pencil skirt? hmmmmm….maybe I should try some. Full skirts are my favorite type of skirt because they highlight my waist and conceal my thighs!

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