Teacher Thursdays:

My sister’s outfit today looks like it came out of my closet!  I’m certain you’ll notice the similarities between her look and the looks I typically put together.  Full skirt? Check!  Ruffles? Check?  Belted around the waist with a statement necklace? Triple and quadruple check!

I love the white dress(that was her rehearsal dinner dress!) combined with coral accents.  It’s perfectly summery(for these last few official days of summer….though weather wise we will have summer weather for at least another month) yet professional and comfortable enough for an entire day of teaching.

I think this style is so flattering on my sister and makes her look just gorgeous!


I know the dress, shoes and belt are from White House Black Market(I was with her when she got those pieces!) but I’m unsure of the rest of the pieces and I forgot to have her tell me….I’d bet that the cardigan and the necklace are from NY&Co if I know my sister at all!

Have a great Thursday!












2 thoughts on “Teacher Thursdays:

    • guitargrl325 says:

      You made my sister’s day! She was really happy to hear that you liked her look, and she said you were really sweet to say that.

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