Casual Friday

So today…I’m not only wearing pants, but they are actually JEANS!  Yes, I am wearing jeans to work.  Mark today on your calendar as a first.

I got these jeans this past spring on final sale from Loft and I’ve worn them a few times on the weekends, with the latest time being a few weekends ago when my parents and I went to South Carolina for a concert.  I realized that they could almost past for navy blue dress pants and decided I would incorporate them into my work outfits(they’re also insanely comfortable which is not that common with jeans, at least in my experience).

And of course, what better day to wear jeans to work but Friday?

Weird facts: I’m also wearing my brown sandals AGAIN(twice in one week)…haha…and my belt in option #2 is from when I worked at American Eagle when I was a sophomore in college(that would be about 11 years ago!).

Option 1: Shirt long and lean


Option 2: Shirt tucked in and jeans belted


{Tank Top: Old Navy, Cardigan: Express, Jeans/Headband: Loft, Shoes: Nine West, Belt: American Eagle, Necklace: Ebay}

I’m ready for the work day to be over so I can get the house prepared for my in-laws arriving later tonight!

Have a fantastic weekend.


9 thoughts on “Casual Friday

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I bought it from ebay after seeing all the fashion bloggers wear it in so many different ways(the original is from J Crew, but I just got the knock off one and no one is the wiser…other than of course those who I tell it’s just a fake).

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks. I’m considering making the opening of the jeans slightly narrow-er since they are kind of like bell-bottoms right now…maybe slim them to a more bootcut style or something.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I saw the necklace on so many bloggers that finally I had to buy it, and I’m so glad…I always get tons of compliments on it(and since we don’t have a J Crew where I live it’s not like I see 700 different people in real life who have it). Of course, I didn’t get my from J Crew(just not willing to pay $150), but still.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! I was buying some clothes online from Old Navy with a gift card and I needed to bring the total up a bit more to get free shipping and the shirt was in the clearance section for a few dollars, so I threw it in. I’m really glad that I did because I love it too.

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