Teacher Thursdays: Lacie

In case you haven’t noticed, lace is huge yet again this year.  Last year I posted about five trends for fall and the post is still relevant this year.  As usual, my sister is right on target with her fashion and in today’s look she’s wearing a lace dress styled with boots and a statement pearl necklace.

I have a lace skirt and two shirts, but no lace dresses(though I have some material to make a lace dress at some point).  Do you have any lace pieces in your closet right now?


2 thoughts on “Teacher Thursdays: Lacie

  1. heidi says:

    i don’t have any lace pieces in my closet but i keep thinking that i would like to. i saw some great lace fabric at joann’s recently but didn’t know how i would transform it into a skirt… i’ve never sewed with something like that before or something that would need a lining. i look forward to seeing what you end up sewing with lace fabric!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I made a lace pencil skirt earlier this summer(I haven’t worn it because it’s a little tight in the thighs and I keep thinking I’ll lose a few lbs and be able to fit into it). What I did was buy the lace and a matching color silky polyester fabric. Then I cut out the pieces of the pattern on each fabric, then sewed the lace to the polyester fabric(wrong side of lace on top of right side of polyester), then I sewed the skirt together. It worked perfectly. I have seen fabric that is lace with a backing already incorporated into it, but it’s generally pretty expensive(I got my lace and fabric on 70% off clearance at Hancock).

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