The high school that I went to required us students to wear very modest uniforms, and dress according to very strict standards on the few days a year we didn’t have to wear our uniforms.  Today’s look would have fit in perfectly with their standards.  It’s very modest, yet still stylish and professional.

In other news, half of my outfit is from Goodwill!  You’ve seen the dress before, but I just acquired the shoes yesterday.  I’ve been looking for a comfortable pair of blue pumps(as opposed to the uncomfortable pair I already had), so I was very pleased to stumble across these  in my size yesterday afternoon.

Option 1: Buttoned-up cardigan(very conservative and professional)

Option 2: Cardigan left open and loose(more casual but still work appropriate)



{Dress: Thrifted(originally Issac Mizrahi for Target, Shoes: Thrifted(originally payless), Cardigan: Gap, Necklace: F21}


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