Happy September everyone!

Even though it’s quite hot outside(and will remain so for at least another month or two), the feeling of Fall is quickly approaching(Sept. 22 in case you were wondering).  All the stores have their fall collections on display and Starbucks is starting to advertise their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It makes me crave fall clothing and outfits, but since it’s technically still summer, I don’t want to go buck wild with fall looks.

They best way to handle your fall cravings is to wear what some refer to as “transitional” outfits.  Not 100% summer, but not 100% fall either(but you guys also know that I don’t really care for conventions and most of the time I’ll wear the colors I want, when I want to wear them).  Today, I’m doing that by combining a fall color(rust) with a summer color(mint).  I think they pair so well together.  By the way, I did finally score that mint cardigan I was hunting for!  Right after I mentioned on the blog that I was looking, I found one at J. Crew on final sale.

The sleeves are a little weird…not long enough to be long sleeve, but too long for 3/4 sleeve….so I’ve just pulled them back slightly to make them 3/4-ish and I plan on shortening them at some point(I have several cardigans that need this actually).

I recognize that I have a ton of clothes(probably too many) and I’m always acquiring more(either by making them, finding them at goodwill or shopping the sales), so I have nearly limitless options for putting together outfits.  I also realize that a lot of you may not have so many options, yet want to put together different outfits with what clothing you have.

To that end, I’m going to start trying to feature every outfit I wear in at least two different ways.  I don’t mean I’m going to change out shoes, jewelry, accessories and other stuff to create a brand new outfit.  I mean, I’m going to use the exact same pieces but styled slightly differently so as to create different looks.  I’m hoping that this will help at least one person expand their wardrobe using pieces they already own.

Now, these looks won’t be *so different* as to wear them in the same week, but it would definitely be possible to wear them over a 2 week period(ie, look #1 on monday of this week and look #2 on wednesday of next week).

Okay, so enough chatter(ps-the camera must’ve slipped down a little whilst taking these pictures, because the top of my hair is cut off in most of them).

Look #1: Cardigan open over the dress.



Look #2: Cardigan buttoned up over the dress creating a skirt/top like look.



Look #3: Same as #2, only tie the belt from the skirt around the cardigan.


Look #4: Same as #3, but pull the ruffle collar of the dress out.


{Dress: Target, Cardigan: J. Crew, Shoes: Payless Shoes, Necklace: Made by Me}

I’m currently wearing #4 because I like it best of all the options(it’s also the last option I took pictures of, so it was easier to just head out the door this way than change anything).

Did you get any good deals on clothing this weekend?  I got a few things, but nothing major.  Where I did score was at Hancock Fabrics: lots of patterns for 99cents!  Another score is that my grandma is going to give me all her old clothing patterns from the 50’s and 60s….I can’t wait to have all those vintage patterns!




2 thoughts on “Transitional

  1. heidi says:

    i love the subtle transformations of each outfit and how different it can look by changing one small element. i think my favorite is definitely how you wore it with the cardigan buttoned and the ruffled neckline peaking out. i also like the open cardigan that shows off more of that gorgeous necklace. and you are totally right, mint & rust go great together!!

    you know, i only ever think to go to joann’s but i really need to check out a hancocks sometime, it would be nice to have fresh or different fabrics to look at and choose from. can’t wait to hear more about the patterns you got!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I typically purchase the bulk of my fabric from because they usually have the best prices. The only downside is not being able to feel/see the fabric in person but they do have a good return policy if you don’t like what you buy.

      I would love to visit a city someday that has a fabric district where you can buy loads of fabric for super cheap.

      The patterns I purchased are just a few different pencil skirt patterns, a full skirted dress and a 60’s style mod dress. I’m much more excited to see what patterns I’m going to get from my grandma. The best part of all is that she was the same size back then as I am now, so I should be able to use the patterns as is(no re-sizing needed).

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