When It Works

When I find a color combination that really works, I like to use it to inspire other looks. I love pairing black and white with an accent of red, also seen here.




{Blouse: Express, Skirt: Made by me, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: Kate Spade, Headband: J. Crew}

Do you like my curls?  I tried a new heatless method using these long sponge curlers that I put in last night and slept on them through the night.  I’d say it is my most successful heatless curl hair style ever.  They are very easy to put in/take out and it’s not horribly uncomfortable(not great, but could be worse).  And the fact that it saved me at least 20 minutes this morning makes it worth it!

I got my curlers at Sally’s(I’ve actually had them for about 6months but hadn’t been brave enough to try till last night!).  I think they cost about $10.

The look like this:

Except mine are all one size and I used less than one pack to put up all my hair.

extreme closeup!

From the back.




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