Bright Colors

You may want to wear sunglasses for this post…haha…

It’s a goal of mine to come up with ways to style my dresses and wear them to work(particularly dresses that are fancier and would not normally be worn to work).

I’ve already shown you this dress paired with my polka dotted blazer.  Today, I went a little more colorful with my bright yellow Ann Taylor Factory cardigan buttoned up like a blouse.  I was *this close* to also wearing my mustard pumps, but I thought that would just be too much, so I wore my nude ones instead.  I think that was a good decision…kind of like that old saying…get all ready and then remove one accessory(or however it goes) so that you’re not overdone.

I give my sister 100% credit for inspiring me to pair bright pink and yellow.  I didn’t even think about it before she asked me if they looked good together(which of course, they do).


{Dress: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Ann Taylor Factory, Belt/Necklace: WHBM, Shoes: Rack Room}

I had a fantastic time last night at dinner!  It ended up being only a small group of girls from the office, plus me and the rep and the conversation was fun, the food amazing and the dessert even better!  I had roasted quail with french fries fried in duck fat(probably the best fries I have ever eaten!).  They were very accommodating and removed all grain based items in my meal(which I appreciated greatly).  I cleaned my plate for the first time probably ever at a restaurant.



5 thoughts on “Bright Colors

  1. heidi says:

    i love it! this totally works. lately i’ve been wearing cardigans buttoned all the way to the top with a big necklace too so i love seeing this look on others. i love all the color but it was probably a good choice to wear the nude heels!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Haha, yeah me too. I’ve watched other bloggers and stylist do the same thing for months(maybe years) and I’m finally getting around to doing it myself.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      My mom looks terrible in yellow(just sickly and unwell). My husband also looks fantastic in yellow(he is blonde though, so that maybe be part of it!).

      WHBM=white house black market. I hate typing it out every time so it’s easier to just use the initials.

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