Insert Witty and Outfit Related Title Here

I honestly think the hardest part of blogging is coming up with post titles.  It seems to be either famine or feast.  Either you are able to whip out funny and related titles left and right or it’s a virtual creative desert.

I guess this is true of outfits.  Sometimes it seems like I am able to come up with so many different combinations of outfits, I feel like I’ll never get through them all….then others, I have that typical woman, “nothing to wear” feeling.

{Top/Flowers: F21, Cardigan: Express, Skirt: Limited, Shoes:, Necklace: Target}

I have NO idea why I appear to be glowing in this picture(and I don’t mean glowing from health…it literally looks like I’m lighting up like a fairy or something).  Other than cropping and fixing some weird glare on my face, I didn’t do any special editing.

If you are looking to kill some time today and want to laugh your butt off, please check out Dog Shaming.  It’s pictures of dogs with hand-written signs detailing their bad behavior(Ie, I ate cat poop and then threw up all over my owner).  The funniest part is the dogs faces!  It’s like they know they were being shamed!  It’s exactly like that Will Ferrell skit from SNL: “Dissing your Dog.  Train your puppy with verbal mockery and humiliation”.



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