Polka Dot Dress

I don’t normally blog about sales or products that I have found online or things like that….but today’s going to be an exception.

I have been searching for a polka dot dress for ages.  Or for material to make my own.  Neither has turned out to be very successful(well, technically I have found such dress at places like J. Crew for ridiculous amounts of money…).   I’ve been searching for an affordable dress for so long, I thought maybe my readers might be too.

I found the perfect polka dot dress at Old Navy today for $29.99

Polka dots? Check!  Knee length? Check!  Bow tie waist? Check!  And as an added bonus…there’s a ruffle at the neck!

It also comes in red, which I would’ve like to purchase also, but sadly it is out of stock in my size(currently they have medium and XXL so if that’s your size, then snap it up!)

Here’s the link: Old Navy Polka Dot Dress

Anyone looking for specific pieces to add to their wardrobe?  I am looking for a mint green cardigan.  The Limited had one this spring and I didn’t buy it right away like I should have…and then they were all sold out of my size….and I have lamented that fact ever since. Every week or so, I visit all my favorite clothing retailer websites looking for a mint cardigan.  I still haven’t found one yet!  If you find one let me know!



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