I’m going to confess something here:  When I was in Jr.high/high school, I went through a phase were I wore skater type clothes(read: JNCO wide leg jeans, chain wallets, ect).  My favorite outfit at this time was a blue baby t with a red-headed Anime   girl on it, my extra wide leg JNCO jeans, a belt with a seatbelt closure studded with bottle caps and my chain wallet( I gagged a little just thinking about it).  My best friend from that time even drew a picture of me as an Anime character wearing that outfit.  Pacific Sunwear was my go-to clothing store.

Today’s look is about as far away from that as possible.  Who would have thought that skater-wannabe wearing girl would grow up to love cardigan, pearls and feminine stripes?

There are two ways to wear today’s look.  Buttoning up the cardigan puts the focus on the cardigan and makes the dress look more like a skirt creating a really preppy and polished look.




Whereas unbuttoning the cardigan allows the dress to take center stage and gives you a softer, more youthful look, but still very polished.


{Dress: Gap, Cardigan Target, Necklaces(I used three): F21, Shoes: Rack Room}

I’m kinda wishing right now I had worn this outfit for my picture yesterday!  Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Preppy

  1. Naomi Elf says:

    You look lovely. I like the unbuttoned look more. It is hard to imagine you in skater clothes, but we all go through a phase of something. I used to think those plastic doohickeys that kept your shirt tied up in a knot around your waist were awesome. And I had a neon pink tshirt (from Target or the pre-Target equivalent?) that said Skid Row on it. Oh dear… 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I also had the plastic do-hicky thing! That was more 6th/7th grade if I remember correctly! I had every single shirt from The Body Shop(those giant ones that had save the animals pictures and writing? remember those!!) which I wore with MATCHING leggings in cool weather, the plastic do-hickey thing, scrunchy socks and hi-tops! In warm weather I had ever color of BONGO jean shorts to match each shirt!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH….gosh, I had completely forgotten about that little phase! And scrunchies up half my arm!!!!!

      During my “skater” phase, I forgot to mention that I also wore airwalk shoes. My favorite pair was black plastic with rainbow sparkles. I thought I was IT when I wore those shoes.

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