Picture Perfect

When I put outfits together, sometimes they will look awesome in my mind, but when I actually wear them, blech.  Other times, I will put on an outfit that I think looks great based on what I see in the mirror….but when I see a picture of it, it’s just not working.

Haha!  LOVE Jim Gaffigan!!!!

Today was a new one for me.  I had put this look together thinking it would be awesome.  The grey of my shirt is the exact grey of the stripes in the skirt.  However, when I put it on, I really didn’t think it looked good.  I *almost* changed into something else, but then hubby commented on how nicely put together I looked and how cute my overall outfit was.  I decided to trust him and take my daily pictures anyways.

I was really surprised to see that while I don’t like what I see in the mirror with this outfit, it looks quite nice in pictures!  In a related note, could my new necklace(F21) match this skirt any more perfectly?




{Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Made by Me, Necklace: F21, Headband: Hancock Fabric, Shoes: RackRoom, Belt: WHBM}

I started working on sewing a button-up long sleeve blouse!  It will be the most complicated piece I’ve done thus far and I really hope it turns out well(I will also get to utilize the button hole making option of my sewing machine)!   I got all the pieces cut out and the edges serged yesterday.  I need to purchase a new marking pen so I can transfer all the pattern marks over and start the actual construction process.  Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks. I guess it’s a good thing my hubby complimented this look or I might never have worn it! Haha! I really think that anytime you have an outfit that you’re unsure of, you should take a picture of yourself in it…you just might be surprised! Particularly if you’re going to be going to a special event or photographed or something.

      • lushlili says:

        I just love how you brought it all together. The stones in the necklace match the skirt but compliments the greyish/baby blue top and flowered headband.

        You inspire me 😀

      • guitargrl325 says:

        Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much it means that my little hobby gives you inspiration and enjoyment. Sometimes I’m like, why do I blog? like 2 people read it and I’m sure they wouldn’t miss me if I left, but comments like your’s give me inspiration to keep plugging away!

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