Feeling Peachy

Over the weekend, I made a really good salad that included goat cheese and peaches.  Today, I’m wearing a peach colored top.

When I came out of the bathroom this morning, I wasn’t yet wearing the cardigan and hubby was still in bed lounging a bit.  He thought I was topless because the top is so similar in color to my skin(in the darkness of the bedroom at least).

I’m including two versions of today’s look.  Tucked in and belted:


Untucked and belt-less.



{Top: NY&Co, Cardigan: Ann Taylor Factory, Skirt: Limited, Shoes: Rack Room, Necklace/bracelet: WHBM}

I went with the un-tucked version.  I think it lengthens and slims my hips/thighs making me look more proportional.



3 thoughts on “Feeling Peachy

  1. lushlili says:

    I liked it belted and still thought it made you look proportional.

    Then again, I do like cardigans with tucked in tips into the skirt

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I know what you mean. Like most women who have one body flaw or another, I am self-concious about my disproportionately large hips/thighs(at least compared to my upper body) and I hate to draw attention to them. I notice them more I am sure than anyone else does, so I am always aware of them and worried that people are thinking, “God, why is she wearing THAT it makes her thighs look wider than the sun!”. When in reality, most people are probably to concerned with their own figure issues.

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