The Stone Dress Story

Some of my clothes have “stories”.  This dress is no exception.

Two weeks ago, I had a professional dinner to attend after work.  I would be meeting fellow optometrists as well as ophthalmologists whom I knew of by name(either by referrals I had done or by referrals they had sent to me), but hadn’t yet met. I was also going to be presenting a journal review.  Needless to say, I wanted to look extremely professional, yet trendy and fun.

I had put together an outfit that I thought fulfilled those criteria.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough time after work to go home and change, and while I am known to be a bit accident prone and spill things on my clothes all the time, I figured I would be safe.  I had not been at work for more than an hour when I noticed that there was a rip in the back of my skirt seam right above the slit.  It was very obvious to me, but I figured in a dark restaurant, it would be okay.

Later on, I was running some errands on my lunch and I sneezed.  Of course this had to be one of those huge snot rocket, projectile sneezes(while I was driving no less) and snot got all over my black skirt.  I could not remove all traces of this and there were whitish/grey spots all over my skirt.  Still, I thought I would be okay(because really, what else was I going to do?)…though my confidence was definitely sinking.

The final straw was occurred about 5 minutes before I left.  I wasn’t sure whether or not I would have to pay for my dinner or if it would be covered by someone else.  Given that hubby and I had already spent our eating out budget  for the month at our anniversary dinner just a few days earlier, I didn’t want to spend too much money on a meal.  In preparation for this, I had made a protein smoothie to drink right before I went to the meeting so I wouldn’t be as hungry and could order something small.

I must not have tightened the lid on my container properly because when I went to take a sip, the lid fell off and poured smoothie all down the front of my blouse and skirt!

Without enough time to run home and change, I figured I’d have to find a store near the restaurant and see if I could find a replacement outfit.  There’s a Banana Republic and a Gap within a few blocks of the restaurant, so I was praying the whole way to the parking garage that I’d find at least a pair of pants or a skirt(I could button up my jacket over the blouse), but was really hoping for a dress.  Since we’re trying to limit our spending as much as possible, I was also hoping that I could find something on sale.

I seriously lucked out. I found this dress on the sale rack in my size for $32.  I changed in the dressing room and took the tag up to the front to pay.  It’s not a dress I would have ever noticed or wanted to buy if I weren’t searching frantically for a cheap outfit replacement.  But, my hubby loves it and I’ve gotten multiple compliments on it.  I call it the stone dress because to me the fabric looks like stone or granite.

The dress is still available online, but it’s much higher in cost than I got mine for($99 online vs $32 in store).  So, if you like the dress I’d suggest visiting the store.

{Dress: Banana Republic, Necklace: NY&Co, Bracelet: WHBM, Shoes: Ross}

Even though this dress didn’t catch my eye(other than out of necessity), I would recommend it to anyone.  It’s comfortable, light and airy and doesn’t seem to wrinkle! I washed it on the delicate cycle and hung it to dry(which usually translates into massive wrinkles) and it was ready to wear off the line.

Do you have any clothing with a “story”?  Share it in the comments if you do!  My leopard print open toe kitten heels(which you’ve seen multiple times on this blog) have quite the interesting story!  I need to remember to share it sometime.


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