Crazy Color Combination

Sometimes when I am putting an outfit together I’ll ask the opinion of my sister(via text) as to what accessories to use.  If my hubby is around, I’ll ask him.  This morning while getting ready, I was deciding which shoes to wear, and I asked hubby if I should wear my mustard colored pumps or some colbalt heels(that I’ve had for almost a year but never worn….) in the exact same shade as my blouse.

He picked the mustard pumps(or yellow as he called them) because “they go better with the crazy color combination you’re wearing today”.

I don’t really see this combination of colors as crazy…but…what do you think?

 {Blouse: Saks Off Fifth, Skirt/Belt: Limited, Shoes:}

It’s rainy and overcast today, which translates into the perfect day to wear a ponytail and brightly color accessories.



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