Last week when I realized how fantastic coral and navy are together(see here), I figured that rust and navy would also be a match made in color coordinating heaven.

I think I was right.


I’m still a little iffy on the length of this dress. I’d really prefer it to be about 3 inches longer, but it is what it is!


{Dress: Target, Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet, Shoes: Kate Spade}

Is it just me or has it seemed as if July has been 111 days long?



5 thoughts on “

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks for reading! I’m just realizing all the different combinations that can be made with differing shades of orange/blue. I had previously always considered them to be non-coordinating colors, but luckily I’ve changed my mind!

      • guitargrl325 says:

        Haha thanks! Funny story: yesterday a patient told me I carried off red-hair very well, unlike some people….I was like, um…maybe that’s because I am a redhead?! I guess she thought I dyed my hair red?

      • astimegoesbuy says:

        Being born with it usually makes it easier to pull off!
        I find patients say some hilarious things. I grew up in the US and have lived in Australia for 10 years and I constantly have patients swear that I am Irish…one guy (from England) was so sure that he started calling me “Irish” as a nickname. He would ask the other nurses if Irish was on today and they would be confused because we didn’t have any Irish nurses. 🙂

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