Anniversary Edition

Since most of the time my weekends are spent in scrubs(Saturdays) and grubby work clothes(Sunday), I rarely post a weekend outfit.  Since this past Saturday was my anniversary, I wanted to look extra special for my date with my hubby.

I love any excuse to dress up, so of course my anniversary was not going to be an exception.  I had become infatuated with full-length gathered skirts(ball-gown like skirts) that were all over Pinterest.  I figured if I could make a knee-length, full, pleated skirt, why couldn’t I translate that into a longer gathered version?

For more information about the construction of the skirt, I’ll be doing a post very soon with some instructions.  It’s not a complete tutorial, but general steps if you wanted to make your own.

I paired the skirt with my lace shirt(seen earlier this week….don’t worry, I washed it!!) and a simple double strand of pearls.  I loved the overall look and received multiple compliments from family and strangers alike.

None of the pictures we took before dinner turned out very well, but here they are:

Our meal was mostly-delicious!  Hubby and I shared the cheese platter, which included this smoked blue cheese that tasted like bacon.  Hubby doesn’t even like blue cheese and he loved this! I also stole a few bites of my mom’s salad, which was topped with thick cut bacon, fried green tomatoes and a buttermilk ranch dressing and my dad’s she-crab soup. I can’t even begin to describe how delicious that salad was.  I must try to re-create it at home!

For my entree, I ordered the crispy duck.  I had previously enjoyed a delicious duck at Alligator Soul, and unfortunately this dish could not compare.  It was dry and bland, but luckily hubby was generous to share some of his delicious filet. Lesson learned, if you dine at The Olde Pink House, order the filet mignon.

I love this skirt, but it’s not very practical.  I don’t think I could pull of wearing it to work…and I don’t really have any more “formal” events on the calendar for the next year.  I hate the thought of it hanging in my closet for years.  So, I’m thinking about cutting/hemming it to knee length(which is a length I will get  a lot more use out of)….but I’m not sure I want to mess with it either!  I’m so torn!

What do you think I should do with this skirt?


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