This week I did something I thought I would never do….I went thrift store shopping(thrifting? I’m not sure the correct terminology).  I always said that it wasn’t for me, but I have been influenced by all the bloggers out there who make over stuff from thrift stores to create new garments.

I’ve been wanting a sleeveless, button-up blouse with a tie-neck, but haven’t wanted to spend much money on one(I’ve had a huge pay cut over the past month, combined with lots of expenses…surgeries, extra taxes owed because of a deduction mistake, hubby taking extra classes, ect..  Basically, all “extra” spend has been put on hold, which includes clothes shopping at my regular stores. )

Something like this:


I felt like I could re-make a long-sleeve button-up blouse into something like this, so one day during my lunch, I went to the local goodwill.  I actually spent the time looking at the racks and I found the perfect blouse to re-fashion as well as a few other things.  In addition to the button-up, I purchased a few skirts I plan to re-fashion as well as a top from Ann Taylor that looked as if it had never been worn.

So here I am, wearing a thrift store top and I love the way it looks!  I own so many horizontally striped things it’s nice to acquire some vertical stripes!


{Blouse: Ann Taylor(thrifted), Shrug:, Skirt: Ann Taylor(old), Necklace: NY&Co, Shoes: Bakers}

Any weekend plans?



2 thoughts on “Thrifted

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks!! I may have to revise my statement on my About page regarding never going thrift store shopping….

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