Maxi skirts are insanely popular right now. And for very good reasons: they are supremely comfortable, they cover your legs completely(in case you haven’t shaved).  I love wearing them, but I struggle with ways to make them appropriate for work.  Is it just me or does it seem as if maxi skirts are either way too casual for work(knit jersey or cotton) or way too formal(taffeta or silk)?

I have a two maxi skirts(both of which you’ve seen before) and I tend to wear them the most on weekends or days off, but I’m trying to come up with ways in which to wear them to work. Now, my office is a bit more casual which is why I feel that I can get away with dressing up a maxi skirt and wearing it to work. If I worked in a business office with men in three-piece suits, I probably wouldn’t ever wear a maxi skirt to work.  But I think teachers, librarians, some doctors would be able to get away with a properly styled maxi skirt.

I figured the easiest way to make a maxi skirt more professional, would be to pair it with a crisp white blouse and a structured belt.

The other thing I struggle with when putting a maxi skirt office look together is shoes.  It seems like flip-flops pair the best with a maxi skirt, but obviously I’m not wearing flip-flops in the office!  So I chose some wedges and I think they’re okay but not great.  What kind of shoes would you wear with a maxi?

{Blouse: Target, Skirt: Dress Barn, Belt: Limited, Necklace: WHBM, Shoes: Ross, Headband: Michael’s}

We’re halfway there!  This weekend is exciting for me as I’ll be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary with my husband and my parents at one of our favorite local restaurants(The Olde Pink House for anyone whose every visited Savannah).


One thought on “Maxi-mized

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    My own personal style doesn’t really include a maxi-skirt… but I think I would look to vintage fashion for inspiration on how to accessorize. For your photo today, it’s my guess that a red pump or high-heeled sandal would have looked great too!

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