Plum and Green

When I originally made my knock-off Kate Spade Skirt, I had one outfit in mind: Crisp white blouse+skirt and minimal accessories.  Which is exactly how I wore it in my original post.

The other day I was standing in my closet, planning out outfits, and I saw my green floral top and plum cardigan and knew they would work really well with my homemade skirt.   The green stripes running through the skirt are more of a chartreuse when compared with the olive green of the shirt, but I think it’s close enough that it works.

I rounded out the look with my purple necklace and overall I’m pleased.  Do I like it as much as this? No, but it works to add variety to my wardrobe.

{Top: Ross or TJ Maxx(can’t remember), Cardigan: Target, Necklace: Loft, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Kate Spade}

Over the weekend I made a pencil skirt out of the polka dot material I used for my polka dot version of this skirt….it was a total fail as it’s about 2 sizes too small…even though I used a pattern that I had previous made a skirt with that does fit…..So I don’t know what’s up with that.  Maybe if I were to lose about 15 pounds it might fit….

Anyways, I hope you have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Plum and Green

  1. heidi says:

    i love all of these colors together but i see what you are saying. i wonder if it would have felt a little more polished if you had tucked in the green shirt. or maybe with a white cardigan so it didn’t seem so “dark” on top. i loved seeing you wear this skirt another way though (and one day i know i am going to try to make one myself!!).

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I did actually try it with the shirt tucked in and it did not work, but yes, I could definitely try it with a white cardigan!

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