Repeat, Repeat Offender

I wanted to call this post Repeat Offender, but I had already titled a post back in November with that title, so I had to change it slightly.

There’s a big benefit to posting your outfits daily.  You end up trying out lots of combinations and pushing yourself beyond what you would normally gravitate towards.  There’s some major downsides as well.  It’s hard to not buy every new thing that comes out because you think, “I can wear it on the blog!”.  You also can’t really re-wear an  outfit that you absolutely loved(unless you have some other content for that day or you decide not to blog a look for that day).  You also start to feel a little like some of your outfits looks exactly like outfits you’ve already posted…even if they’re completely different pieces.

Heidi at Literate and Stylish discussed this very topic.  She posed the question: is wearing similar outfits just repeating other outfits or does it show you have a particular style?

I believe in the latter(obviously since so many of my outfits are reminiscent of each other).  I hope that what I do here helps at least one woman define her own personal style.  I firmly believe that if you find a “look” that works for you, there’s nothing wrong with buying multiples of the pieces that make up that look in different colors and patterns.  For example, a “look” could be pencil skirts, blouses and cardigans.  Mix and match different colors and accessories and you have a whole workable wardrobe.

The point of all this blabbering is that today’s look is very reminiscent of previous looks I have done. See here and here.  I’d call it the same, but different.

{Shirt, Skirt, Belt: Limited, Shoes:, Necklace: Target, Headband: J. Crew}

I originally planned to wear this skirt with the yellow full skirt and/or yellow pencil skirt that i planned on making.  Well, those articles are on hold because the first skirt I tried to make with some yellow shantung sateen fabric was a fail of epic proportions.  Then the second fabric I bought(cotton broadcloth) is so pitifully thin that I’d have to triple or quadruple layer it and LINE it and still it might be too sheer.  So, until I get new yellow fabric, there will be no yellow skirts.  I decided I could still incorporate the yellow through my accessories.  Sure, my belt and shoes are not exactly the same color, but I’m okay with it.  If you look closely, you can see that my necklace has some yellow in it.

Any weekend plans?  I’m going to be preparing for the holiday as I’ll be having some special guests staying with us!  Lots of cleaning and cooking(in addition to working tomorrow, blech).



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