Inspired Style: Casual becomes Office Appropriate

When I saw this picture from J Crew, I knew immediately that I could recreate it using similar pieces that would be appropriate for the office.  Since I wear casual clothes about 0.01% of the time, I didn’t have any use for wearing the blouse/top with shorts(also, none of my shorts currently fit…ahem), but it was perfect when paired with my cobalt pencil skirt.

I have about 10 different colors of the blouse I am wearing.  I purchased them at various times from the Banana Republic Outlet throughout optometry school and I used to wear them every single day.  Lately, they’ve just hung in my closet but I’m trying to make more use of them since they all still look nearly brand new(despite being worn tons of times).  If you’re looking for a good quality short-sleeve shirts(and I believe they have other arm lengths as well), check out the Banana Republic Outlet.

Anyways, what do you think of my version of this look?

{Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet, T-shirt/Skirt: Limited, Necklace: NY&Co, Shoes: Rack Room}


PS-If you’re wondering why I’m not posting a Beauty Tuesday post today, it’s because I’m cutting back on the frequency of said posts.  It’s much more labor intensive to do makeup posts than to quickly snap a photo of what I’m wearing on the way out the door, so for awhile, I’ll be posting outfit posts most Tuesdays and occasionally, I will do a beauty post if I come across a new product to review or want to try out a new makeup technique.


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