Going Sailing

I’m not really going sailing(the shoes are obviously not proper for sailing).  When I got to work this am, my technician said I looked like I was going to go sailing in my outfit and since I didn’t have a title for today’s post in mind, I figured I’d use her idea!

The last time I wore this t-shirt, we went over to my parents house and I gave my mom a pedicure.  Somehow we ended up knocking the bottle of polish off the table and it splashed everywhere, including on the left shoulder of the shirt.  I was going to throw the shirt away, but then I figured, why not dress up a plain shirt with a bow which will also serve as a cover up for the nail polish stain?

I had previously made this bow from some scraps of fabric and made it into a pin.

While wearing a t-shirt to work might be to causal for some offices, it works perfectly for mine.  I think this would work for a nice weekend look if you traded the pumps for some flats or flip-flops.

I really didn’t know what shoes to wear today.  I thought pink would be too much; Black wouldn’t work since the shirt is navy; I just didn’t feel like doing nude shoes again….so finally, I just decided to throw on my yellow pumps.  They always seem to work!

{T-shirt: Target(girls department, Necklace/Skirt/Belt: WHBM,  Shoes: Urbanog.com, Bow Pin: Made by me}

On the hair front:  I have decided to cut my hair, but I am waiting until it is long enough that I can donate it to locks of love and still get the cut that I want.  At it’s current length, I would have to cut it much shorter than I want in order to have enough to donate, but it shouldn’t take too long before it is long enough to accomplish both things.

In other news, I am currently working on a polka dot version of the Kate skirt complete with tutorial!  I hope to have that published  by next week.



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