Flesh Tones

I feel like my outfit today is a clothing version of Urban Decay’s Naked palette.  All varying shades of nude/neutral flesh tones.  As much as I’m growing to love colors, it still is nice to tone it down every once in awhile and wear some neutrals.

I’m pretty excited about the blouse I’m wearing.  Months ago, I had saved this picture of a blouse from Pinterest.  I knew it had to be designer and I never expected to find anything like it(I had it saved to my DIY inspiration folder thinking maybe I could someday make something like it)

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found an incredibly similar shirt at Forever 21 for under $20.  I’ve had the shirt for over 2 months but just got around to wearing it today.  When I buy new clothing pieces, I try to save some of them back for a bit so that I have something new to wear even when I haven’t gone shopping in over a month.

I teamed the skirt with my brown pencil skirt, nude heels(more on these in a moment) and a chunky necklace.

I also added my rust cardigan in case the office is chilly today from over air-conditioning.

{Blouse/Cardigan: Forever 21, Skirt: The Limited, Necklace: Loft, Shoes: Kate Spade}

Not surprisingly, I like it better with the cardigan!

Now, about the shoes.  I love shoes.  But historically, I have only purchased very cheap shoes.  I’m talking most of my shoes cost less that $20-30(not counting running shoes of course!).  Guess what? Cheap shoes don’t last for crap.  A lot of the shoes you see me wearing on here look fine in pictures but are literally falling apart.  I had to throw a pair away last week.

I made the decision that I need to start investing in my shoes a bit more.  Instead of buying 5 pairs of junk shoes that fall apart after less than a year of occasional wear for $100 or so, I should buy one nice, high quality pair that will last for years to come.

I decided to start with the most basic of colors: Nude and Black. I had a few qualifiers for said shoes: 1. they must be leather(I want to be able to polish and condition them to keep them nice) 2. they must NOT be made in China, Indonesia or any of those countries that use slave labor and potentially questionable materials, 3. No ridiculous high heels(3″ or less difference between front and back. I do realize this may be ridiculous height for some but for me, 3 inches is comfortable)

I found these Kate Spade shoes in the Nordstrom in the final clearance section for more than 50% the original price. They met all of my qualifiers(leather , 3 inch heel with 1/2″platform, so overall only about 2.5″ rise and made in Italy) and were available in my size so I ordered them.    I haven’t actually worn them out of the house yet(I changed into different shoes after I took the pictures) because I’m not 100% sure I’m keeping them.  I think I love them and they’re pretty comfortable(need a little breaking in) but I’m just undecided.

What do you think?

Keep the shoes or send them back and keep looking for nude pumps?

They look even better in person that in these pictures!



4 thoughts on “Flesh Tones

  1. Emily says:

    I am a new follower thanks to your appearance yesterday on Between the Lines. I absolutely love the Kate Spade shoes. I am like you and usually buy cheap shoes, but I should start investing in classics too. One tiny thing to consider because it is hard to see how well they go with you skin tone in pictures, but that is one thing I would consider about nude shoes.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m not even sure how to determine if nude shoes go with my skin since I’m the palest person on the planet, but the hubby seems to like them and they’re definitely growing on me, so I think I will keep them(particularly considering the price was so good for Kate Spade shoes). I’m checking out your blog now.

  2. heidi says:

    what a lovely blouse – i kind of like it better with the cardigan too as it picks up on the colors in your necklace. and i love the shoes – i think they are a great, classic pair in a neutral shade. have you decided whether or not to keep them?

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I have decided to keep them. I really do like them and they are not your typical nude shoes you see everyone wearing so I like the unique aspect. Plus, as far as kate spade goes, they were a phenomenal price!

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