Beauty Tuesday: Day to Night Smokey Eye

If it hasn’t been clear before now, let me just tell you that I am a home body.  The hubby and I rarely go out after work or on the weekends.  But, there is the occasional after work meeting or dinner that we must attend.  Typically, I don’t want to, or have time to completely re-do my makeup from a subtle work-ready look to a going out much more bold look.

What I do when I have such an event, is a subtle smokey eye that is appropriate for the office.  Then when I come home from work(or if I am going straight from work, I’ll do it in the bathroom at work), I’ll amp up the smokey-ness with thicker liner and darker shadow.

I thought this might be something you might be interested in, so I made this little tutorial.  I used the Naked 2 palette and the brushes it came with, MAC’s Fluidline in backtrack with angled brush, and UD 24/7 liner in Perversion.  I didn’t add false lashes to the final night smokey look, but if I were really going out, I would recommend it for added pop.


Now, when you’re ready to amp it up:


I also changed my like color to a softer pink instead of the bright strawberry red since my eye makeup was so much darker.



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