Party Dress

I love fancy dresses.  Whenever I have an event to attend, I always try to get a new dress.  Therefore, I have an entire closet filled with just dressy dresses from past events(weddings, graduations, dances, ect).  I always make sure to get them on sale, but it’s still kind of silly to have so many dresses you can only wear to formal events.

When Banana Republic did their Mad Men inspired collection last fall they came out with a beautiful maroon colored dress called the Betty Dress(inspired by Betty Draper).  It was completely my style: fitted bodice, bow(!) waistband and full skirt.  I used some discover cash back points to buy a gift card and purchased that dress.  I made good use of it over the winter/fall wearing it to a few events.  I even wore it twice on this blog.  It’s a very flattering style for my body-type.

So, when they re-released the collection for spring using different fabrics, I had to have the new edition of the Betty Dress.  This time, it was bright lipstick pink and made of silk instead of polyester.  The skirt seems fuller than the previous one, and overall it’s even more beautiful.  Once again, I used discover reward points, plus a one time 40% off coupon and I was able to get the dress for under $100 with less than $3 out of pocket(shipping charges went slightly over $100).

I had planned to wear it out to dinner on my 30th b-day, but hubby and I were in Asheville, NC at the Biltmore and didn’t have enough time to drive home, change and go back, so we ended up having an early “linner(lunch and dinner)” at the estate.  I ended up wearing the dress for the first time on Easter.  I styled it with a turquoise statement necklace and black/white zebra print heels.

My burn looks gross today…sorry!!

I love this dress so much that I wanted to find a way to make it appropriate for the office.  I recently purchased a polka dot blazer from F21 with a merchandise credit.  (A little shopping tip: make sure you try on and are committed to what you want from F21 because they DO NOT give you $ back, just an exchange or credit).  I thought this might be whimsical enough to still be fun, but tone down the dress’s “hello, I’m made of silk and formal” look.

I also switched out the zebra heels for my teal pumps(but believe it or not, the zebra’s are more comfortable than the pumps!!)

{Dress: Banana Republic(still available!), Necklace: Target, Blazer: F21, Shoes: Rack Room}

I feel like this is a successful formal to work conversion and I feel happy and playful, yet professional at work today.

In other news, I’ve completed another project:

The Bailey Bag!  It’s my new gym bag and it’s receiving lots of positive feedback on Facebook where I posted a preview picture.  You can read more about it over at my other blog.

What do you think of taking formal dresses and making the “office” appropriate?



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