Pop of Color

For today’s look, I was inspired by a new blog I recently discovered. The blogger wore a yellow pencil skirt with a belt, a long sleeved striped t-shirt and the J. Crew bubble necklace.  I loved the overall look but since I don’t own any similar pieces(other than the necklace), I decided to copy use the silhouette she created with what pieces I did have. It was fantastic to be able to wear a t-shirt to work by dressing it up in such a fun way and by wearing the same color, it almost looks like I’m wearing some custom fitted dress.

I had trouble deciding which shoes to pair with the look.  I loved the idea of my leopard kitten heels since they coordinated with the belt, but they don’t photograph well.  I tried several different variations of my standard pose and still the shoes don’t photograph well at all.

I thought that maybe paring my turquoise shoes to coordinate with my necklace would be a nice look, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Finally, I added my grey pumps and I think the look the best with the silhouette created by the skirt/shirt combination.

Have you ever dressed up a t-shirt for a office-ready look?  Which shoes do you thin complete the look the best?



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