Ruffles and Bows

If you’ve learned even one thing about me after reading this blog it’s that I love bows.  Also, ruffles.  Any outfit or piece that combines both is an automatic “must-have” for me.

You’ve seen both this shirt and belt before.  The shirt has this weird shirred elastic waist that I do not like(it makes it look maternity or something without the belt), so I need a belt or something to cover up that awkwardness.  It pairs well with a simple pencil skirt, coordinating bow shoes and a statement bracelet.

{Shirt: Forever 21(similar), Belt: NY&Co(similar), Skirt: Limited(similar), Shoes: Ross, Bracelet: Loft(old)}

Did you have a good weekend? I had a great one.   My sister spent the night on Saturday and we did crafting/sewing for most of yesterday.  I made her a skirt(using  this tutorial) and she made flower hair clips.  I also worked on a gym bag I’m creating without a pattern(of course I was all cocky in the beginning because it was going well. Now, I’m at the tricky part and struggling a bit).  I managed to knock the iron off the ironing board while working and gave myself a nice iron tattoo.

It goes nicely with my burned finger from cooking dinner last week.

I stepped in dog poo before getting into the car this morning and didn’t realize it till I was halfway down the street and had smeared stinky poo all over my mat(luckily they are rubber and can be easily cleaned).  So, I had to turn around and clean-off/disinfect the bottom of my shoe. I left the mat for hubby to clean.    Good times right?

Tonight I’m having dinner with my sister, hubby and parents at Carrabbas.  I will be ordering the Chicken Bryan.  Yum!

Enjoy your week!



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