Surrender Dorothy!

As promised, I am debuting my first ever fully homemade dress!  And, my brand new blog that will chronicle all my sewing adventures and tutorials!

When I got into sewing and making accessories, I knew I wanted a “brand”.  Not because I ever expect to sell my stuff, but just to make it seem more legit.  I wanted to incorporate being a redhead in there somehow, and after going back and forth with the hubby and my sister, I came up with Redhead Couture.  It basically means redhead creations.

I love pockets so much!

Full Skirts rock

And since my dress was very 50’s in silhouette, I HAD to do a bouffant, red lips and a cat eye!  I didn’t want to add a necklace because I thought that would be too busy with the neckline being rather a show-piece as it is(hubby has commented on how much he likes the neckline at least 100 times since I finished the dress).  I did end up slipping on a simple pearl(plastic pearl) bracelet  on my way out the door which complements the look very well.

 I might use this dress at Halloween, adding a white pinafore over the dress and keeping the ruby shoes.   And I’ll carry Aspen around in a basket.

What do you think of my new dress?


7 thoughts on “Surrender Dorothy!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately, because the fabric was so cheap, it’s starting to pull apart at the seams, but I should be able to get a few more wears out of it before it’s toast!

      • missanubis says:

        Too bad; it is really nice. You could scrap the fabric and make smaller items from it. I love demure, cocktail-length dresses. Va- va- voom!

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