Nope, not that kind. Read this post for more information about why that type of announcement probably won’t ever happen.

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately.  Mostly, I’ve had lots of failures(zebra pencil skirt that was *way* too small after I was done, full yellow skirt that was too big and when I tried to make it smaller I cut it wrong and ruined it, a hideous attempt at making a navy/white striped jersey skirt, then an even worse attempt at making a navy striped jersey dress).

But I’m starting to have more successes, and I’ve even managed to make a dress(that I haven’t worn yet, I just keep looking at it on my dress form in awe that I actually made it) and I’m nearly done making a lace covered pencil skirt.  I’m getting better with each garment I make.

The point of all this is, I wanted a space to showcase my creations, plus give some sewing tips to beginners like myself(for example, putting in a curved waistband.  This was so difficult for me, and I searched and searched for help and found none.  So I, with the help of hubby, figured out a way that may not be proper but worked for me and I wanted to put it out there to help someone else who might struggle…plus have a tutorial for myself in case I forget).  I wasn’t sure whether I should just add a tab to this blog for sewing stuff, but realized it already is full enough with different types of posts about fashion, makeup and hair stuff.

Sooooo, I’ve been working on putting together a brand-new blog all about my homemade clothing and accessories!  And I’ll be debuting it this Friday June 1 with the dress that I made.  I’ll still be posting all my looks here on Ordinary Fashionista, but I’ll also be doing posts about homemade stuff on my new site.  That way, if you could care less about sewing, but just want fashion, you don’t have to read about me unpicking my seams to repair torn lace only to find out I didn’t have enough lace left…

Because it can take me anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete a garment, I won’t be updating my new site 5 days/week like I try to do here(this week and last notwithstanding), but only when I have a story or something to share.

So, I hope that if you enjoy this site, you’ll add my new site to your read list!  I can’t wait to share it with you!


Ps-Last week really wore me out with going back to work and helping my mom out(she had a total hysterectomy), so I’ve felt blah this week in regards to fashion.  So I haven’t been posting my daily looks because they’ve been eh or repeats of looks I’ve already shown.  I don’t want to post just to post, so I’ll be back up with daily looks soon.


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