I have a tendency towards obsession or fixation upon certain things.  Once it’s on my radar, I’m all about it: looking for it, talking about it, thinking about it, ect.  This can be a good thing when I fixate on something positive(like applying to med school).  Other times, it can be not so good(I have a phobia of vomiting and I tend to have obsessive thoughts about worst case scenarios.  And if you’ve been sick recently, I will badger you for full details of your illness so that I can assure myself that I am “safe” or at least prepare myself for the “worst”).

This fixation also extends to clothing, either specific pieces or just broad categories.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed/fixated upon stripes.  I  want stripes in all manner of clothing(shirts, cardigans, skirts, dresses, headbands, even shoes).  I’ve managed to obtain multiple striped shirts, dresses and even a cardigan.  But I had not yet come across the coveted striped full skirt or striped maxi skirt.  I honestly wanted to make a striped maxi skirt.  I kept scouring my favorite fabric sites for the right fabric.  I visited all the fabric stores in Savannah(including Wal-Mart…I buy a lot of my fabric there; they have a large selection and it’s priced well, plus it’s only 5 minutes from my house as compared to Jo-Anne’s or Hancock which is a minimum 40 minute drive).

I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted, and so I had all but given up, when my mom and I were at Dress Barn looking for some easy slip-on dresses for her(she had a hysterectomy this week.  It didn’t go as planned, just like my laparoscopy…same doctor and everything….he’s not going to want to see anyone else in our family after this!) and I stumbled across a navy/white striped maxi skirt.  It felt like fate since I had had such difficulties finding the fabric I wanted.  I ended up having to get a size large in order to have it fit the way I wanted, but I am so happy to have my striped maxi to add to my stripes collection!

In case it hasn’t been clear before, I don’t really have “casual clothes”.  I have work clothes, a few fancy dresses, workout clothes, pjs and really ratty work-in-the-yard or cleaning clothes.  I do have a few pairs of jeans that I can pair with my work tops, but overall, I pretty much have no need for casual clothes.  If I do have a casual event to go to, I typically will try to “dress” down my work wear.

I styled my maxi skirt in two ways.  One is a more “casual” lunch out with the girlfriends(not that I ever do this, but that’s neither here nor there) and one is how I actually wore it to work today.  I realize that in more conservative work environments, it might not be appropriate to wear a maxi skirt, but my job is pretty lax so I feel comfortable wearing one.

Casual Lunch:

I tried to be all fashion-y with this first look and wear a fedora(it’s my hubby’s)…but alas, my huge head would not fit his hat(he has a very small head apparently….or I have a ginormous one.  In high school I was in a musical and we rented historical costumes.  I had the smallest bust and the largest head of all the girls.  Go me)

For a more appropriate work look, I removed the million jangly bracelets and the ring, added a cardigan(of course), and put a demure flower in my hair(as opposed to the gypsy headband)

Work Ready:

I like the work-look better, but I do tend to gravitate towards “safer” looks.  Which do you prefer? Are you obsessing over any particular clothing item or trend right now?


Ps-I’m also all over polka dots, though I don’t think a polka dot maxi would look very good….but  a polka dot dress? I’d love to find(or make one!).


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