Before we jump into today’s look, I have a caveat….after having surgery and resting at home for a week, I am paler than Casper’s left butt cheek.  So, just be warned!

The next two days of work, I’m going for comfort and softness around my belly.  The staples are gone, but the incisions are still slightly tender and itchy and it just feels more comfortable to have something stretchy around my waist(plus I still have some residual swelling/bloating and I need something that gives!).

So, today I’m calling my look semi-homemade because I made my skirt and my necklace.  My shirt and headband were purchased, so exactly half of my look was homemade…the other is not…hence, semi-homemade.

I’m not sure what’s going on with my expression, but this photo showed the necklace better:

Close up of the necklace.

I’m planning to get a little color on my cheeks this weekend!  I promise!



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