Office to Date Night

I picked up this dress from Target awhile back.  I kept walking past it and feeling drawn to it. I thought the color was unusual and the ruffle neckline was the icing on the cake.  I also thought I could use it as a template to make a pattern so that I could make more dresses like it.

The tie that comes with the dress gives it a weird silhouette  when tied, so I switched it out for my leopard belt.

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to not think of dresses as office wear.  I don’t think I’m the only one, so I’m making it my priority to showcase how I am wearing dresses to work.

I feel that this dress might be a little short for the office, so I paired it with a low heel+cardigan to cover up my shoulders.  However, I’m still a little concerned over the length, so I’m considering adding  a layer of lace along the bottom to “extend” the length.  For today though, I’m going to make sure to keep pulling it down to make it longer!

*this was the only salvageable photo…and my necklace is tucked into my dress…gah

This dress is also great for a date night out with the hubby(or girlfriends)!  Just remove the cardigan, let down your hair, throw on some heels, a bright lip color and you’re good to go.

And yes, I have joined the cult of bloggers who have the J. Crew Bubble necklace(though mine is not J. Crew…I got it on ebay for $14.50, and it “says” J. Crew, but I know it has to be a knock-off).  It came from a factory in China, so it took about 2 weeks to get here, but it was worth it to save $135 over the J. Crew one!

You can also find them on Etsy  for about $40(handmade).  If I had known about this before, I would’ve done it this way because I don’t like getting stuff from China….

I made the bracelet and flower in my hair myself.

A few things:

1. There was no Sunday Manicure yesterday because I didn’t do one.  The reason is, I am having surgery this week(laparoscopy for endometriosis and cysts on my ovaries) and the anesthesiologist prefers unpainted nails.  I figured why go to all the trouble to paint my nails just so I could blog about it and then have to take off the polish 2 days later for surgery.

2. I obviously won’t be posting work outfits Wed-Friday(Surgery is Wednesday) because I’ll be recovering and won’t be working.  I’ll check in so you guys know I made it through okay, but mostly I’ll just be resting(and wearing baggy comfortable clothes…haha)

3. I’m sorry for the really awful pictures today.  I keep trying to get the settings on my DSLR correct so that I have decent photos, but it doesn’t seem to be working….I keep reading to NOT use the flash, so I didn’t, upped the ISO and such(per a photography blog recommendation), and now the photo is all grainy.  At least I don’t have to worry about people trying to steal my crappy photos!

Have a nice day!



6 thoughts on “Office to Date Night

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! Back in the 90s, my grandma was into that whole color for your type thing(autumn, winter, spring, summer) and I was classified as an “autumn” and my primary color was that rust/orange color…and back then I hated it. But I guess that’s the thing about getting older…we learn to appreciate more things!

      • chiclycute says:

        Smart Granny 🙂 Ah I must look up the color for your type thing. Wonder what my type will be 🙂 And indeed we always hate whats good for us in the beginning lol

      • guitargrl325 says:

        It was a book or a program or something and you answered questions about your skin color/type, hair color/type, eye color, ect and it would classify you as Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn and then it had a color chart of colors that were supposed to look the best on you.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I had been coveting this necklace every time I saw it on other bloggers and finally bit the bullet. It’s so worth it! I think I want to get it in navy and red as well.

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