I like big hair and I cannot lie

So last night I tried yet another tutorial for achieving natural looking curls sans heat. Find it here It worked….but now my hair looks about 20 times larger than normal.  I think this is a workable method; I just need to make my twists slightly larger.  I will be trying it again because it’s super easy, quick and I kind of like it…maybe…

For today’s look, I did something I don’t normally do….I tucked my shirt into my skirt.  I typically stay away from this style because I worry that it emphasizes the difference in my upper and lower body(I’m about 4-5 sizes different between my top and bottom).  But after reviewing the pictures of my shirt tucked in and out…I think tucked in is actually more flattering and balances my proportions better!

What do you think:




And of course, no post is complete without a cardigan shot!

 Anyone have exciting plans for the weekend? I hope your going to spoil your mom on Sunday!  My parents, husband and I are going to a pub tonight to watch one of our very favorite local Irish singers perform.  For Mother’s Day, I’m going to be driving up to have lunch with my Sister and her husband, my parents and my grandparents(unfortunately, hubby has to work).  Also, I’m working tomorrow….so all in all, should be a busy and fun weekend!



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