A Better Combination

Remember last week when I tried to wear my rust cardigan with grey and pink?  I still am undecided whether that combination worked or not.  So, I decided to try again but use a softer grey and blue/red accents instead of pink.  I’m much happier with this combination and the overall look if much more streamlined and professional.

Since I had done my eyes with a 60’s inspired cat eye, I wrapped the red ribbon around my head in a very 60’s fashion and snapped a pic….but I wasn’t brave enough to wear this to work so I pulled out the ribbon in favor of my bow headband.

(Blouse: Banana Republic, Cardigan: F21, Skirt: Limited, Shoes: Bakers, Necklace: Made by Me)

Would you wear the 60s inspired ribbon around your head?  Do you agree that this combination of colors(rust+grey+cobalt+red) is much better than the previous(rust+grey+pink)?


2 thoughts on “A Better Combination

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Welll….. I think the ribbon in your hair was subtle enough to be ok for work, and it definitely tied your shoes into the outfit. But, I know what you mean. The ribbon took you from looking very nice to looking very fashionable, and that can take a lot of daring to wear to work!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I think for a date with hubby or a social event, I would definitely wear the ribbon, but even though I’m pretty daring at work, it was just a little too much for me.

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