Beauty Tuesday: Dealing with Eyeshadow Fall-Out.

Even with the best eyeshadows, the best brushes and perfect technique, you will still occasionally have to deal with shadow fall-out.  This is when little flakes of your eyeshadow fall off and land onto your cheeks and under-eye area during shadow application.

This used to be a major issue for me when I was using drug store shadow and brushes.  But I still have to deal with it every once in awhile with my more expensive shadows and brushes.

There are several ways/methods you can employ to prevent or clean up this annoying little problem.  Some of them I’m never tried and others I don’t really like, but you might so here they are:

1. Do your eyes first, clean up any errant fall-out, THEN apply your foundation/powder/blush ect.  I’ve tried this before, and while it’s obviously a no-brainer on the easiness of cleaning up and/or not having to worry about fall-out, it’s my least favorite. Maybe I’m just set in my ways, but I like to do my eye makeup after my face is done(but before blush, I always do blush last).  Another reason why I don’t like this method is because it makes it very difficult to apply under-eye concealer without smudging my eyeliner.  It’s worth a try though…maybe you’ll like it better than I did!

2. “Brush” off the errant pieces with a clean fluffy brush.  This works sometimes…and other times(particularly with black) it just streaks the color across my face.  Not a good look.

3. Apply tape under your eyelid/upper cheek area where you’re more likely to get fall-out, then remove after you have finished your makeup.  Never tried this one, and never going to either.  It just sounds ….ick…and potentially painful(plus the tape’s adhesive is going to pull off the foundation/powder from the area it was applied!).  I think that there is a company that makes special pads to apply under your eyes for this very reason…but…still…ugh

4. Q-tip/Makeup Remover. This is the way I will take care of my fall-out 99% of the time.  It’s easy, it always works and it causes minimal “disruption” to my foundation/powder(I’ll show you quickly how to fix it!)

Take a Q-tip and moisten one end with eye makeup remover.  Place on the area of fall out and roll it gently across the area you want to remove.  It should pick up all the errant shadow flakes.  Then use the dry side of the Q-tip to dry up any remaining remover.

This will remove some of you makeup that you’ve so carefully applied, but only in the small area in which your rolled your Q-tip.  To conceal this, I’ll grab a sponge, dip it into my face powder and lightly dab over the area.  It blends in perfectly.

Any tricks you have for this annoying little problem?



4 thoughts on “Beauty Tuesday: Dealing with Eyeshadow Fall-Out.

  1. Gerda Spillmann says:

    Use the sponge you used to reapply to cover-up from fallout. Place the sponge on the danger area and hold down with the outside edge of your hand while applying your shadow and liner. This gives you more balance by bracing your hand and protects from runaway shadow flakes!

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi! I usually apply the shadow in tiny bits and always with the brush wet before, then the shadow sticks to eye 🙂 Hope it helps

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