Inspired by a patient

Most of my patients come to see me very casually dressed.  That’s fine by me as I tend to wear comfortable clothes when I go to the doctor as well.

Every once and awhile, a patient will come by before or after work dressed really nicely.  Today’s look was inspired by one such patient.  She was wearing what I think was one of those dresses that looks like a high-waist pencil skirt with a sleeveless top because the skirt and bodice are different colors(I believe they call such dresses two-in-ones).  The bodice of her dress was coral and the skirt was purple.  She had styled it with nude pumps and she was just as cute as could be.  I immediately filed away that color combination and planned to re-create such a look at a future date.

I’ll be honest, before I saw her dress, I would have never thought to combine coral with purple.  But I really like how it turned out.

I feel like this picture is so goofy but it was the only one that showed the flower in my hair.

There's my standard pose you know and probably hate!

Have you ever gotten inspiration for an outfit from a total stranger or someone you interacted with at work?  What about stopping someone to tell them you like their outfit?



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